UK Familiarisation Driver Training

Our UK familiarisation driver training is a practical course covering all the elements an employee driving for business or pleasure on UK roads will need. Our driver trainer will cover a variety of traffic conditions, different road types and deal with areas most commonly leading to accidents.

  • Practical training carried out in the vehicle the driver will be using
  • This course also looks at the cultural differences between driving in the UK and in driver’s home country.
  • The laws governing driving on British roads (The Highway Code)
  • Road signs and markings
  • Junctions, including roundabouts and use of signals
  • Cover a variety of roads, including motorways
  • Parking and maneuvering exercises
  • Eco driving techniques

The length of this course is dependent on the experience of the driver.

On completion of this course the driver will have a clearer understanding of how to drive safely and confidently on UK roads.

The driver will receive a comprehensive de-brief, with advice on how to improve their standard of drive. A written report will also be produced for the employer.

To start the conversation about how our UK familiarisation driver training courses can benefit your organisation, please call: 0203 633 4682 or email: