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Petrol and Diesel prices plummet March 2020

UK fuel prices fell by their largest margin in 12 years in March, triggered by a complete collapse in the world oil price, new RAC Fuel Watch data reveals. Prices could reduce further this month (April), if fuel retailers decide to pass on savings to customers. The price of a barrel of crude oil began the […]

How to grow your confidence if you’re an anxious driver

Whether it’s getting behind the wheel at night, driving in heavy rain, or tackling a busy road you’re not familiar with, driving can be stressful. If you’re feeling worried about getting in the driving seat, you’re not alone. In fact, a fear of driving is the fifth most common phobia in the UK, according to […]

Highways England: regular tyre checks by drivers could save lives

Nearly three quarters of motorway incidents linked to tyre failure could be prevented if drivers would carry out simple tyre checks, according to research from Highways England and Bridgestone. The 18-month study, carried out between 2016 and summer of 2017, suggests that road users can play a significant role in reducing tyre-related accidents by performing […]

Unmarked HGVs to target dangerous driving on England’s motorways

Three new unmarked HGVs will be let loose on England’s motorways and A roads to crack down on dangerous drivers The unmarked HGVs will patrol the roads to track down motorists using mobile phones and committing other offences The HGVs have been fitted with wide-angle cameras to capture unsafe driving behaviour. They also have had […]

Town Driving

As you know, most incidents that do take place do so in built up areas where the density and variety of road users are more likely to create potential “conflict” areas. Also, not surprisingly, it’s where speed limits tend to be lower… Often, road users are having to deal with a combination of hazards almost […]

Driving tests in the UK are about to change – find out how

The Driving test is changing Driving tests are set to undergo the biggest change in generations in a bid to help new drivers to be safer and more independent on the roads. The DVSA has announced that prospective drivers need to demonstrate “real life” driving skills if they want to pass their test, with changes […]

Driving Licence Checking tool

Need to view your own driving licence? This free online vehicle enquiry tool will check your licence against the DVLA database, and display any endorsements or disqualifications. You can also generate a one-time code to share access with an employer, rental company or other party. view my driving licence Need to check someone else s […]

Summertime Driving Challenges

Summer is finally here?  The kids are out of school, families begin to plan and leave on holidays and a whole new list of challenges present themselves to drivers. What challenges does summertime driving present on and off the job? Kids are out of school and can be anywhere…they are excited to be out in […]

8 things you need to know about licence checking

Ensuring employees hold valid driving licences is vital for the compliance of a fleet – and not doing so can have serious consequences. Ben Rooth reports/Fleet Legal Advice Regular driving licence checks should form a key part of any health and safety policy at a company where employees drive on business. These should uncover whether […]

Commentary Drive A Proven System for Preventing Accidents

A commentary drive is where you describe what you are doing as you are driving. It’s a technique used by advanced drivers such as the police. This video shows a high speed commentary drive by a police officer through urban streets. Watch it a couple of times because the first time you’ll find that the […]