Accident Awareness and Remedial Driver Education

After an accident helping employees to learn from their experience is essential. Loss of confidence is something we often overlook and is a very real factor after being involved in an accident. It is important as employer you provide immediate support and training to the driver to understand why the accident happened and what can be done to prevent a similar type of accident happening again. It is also important that the organisation fulfils its “duty of care” requirements

  • Develop a positive driving attitude
  • Understand how personal factors can affect performance
  • Understand the principles of defensive driving
  • Develop a risk assessment approach to driving hazards
  • Develop new and enhance existing skills
  • Reduce accident risk

This program is designed around the needs of the individual, who drives a vehicle for work purposes or leisure. The driver may have been involved in an accident and lost their confidence, and is looking to improve their driving skills and build their confidence to avoid future incidents.

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